Marital Counseling: Look before you leap…

Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

I received a call from a woman seeking marital counseling. She said it was a last ditch effort to save her marriage. She said they had tried other counselors before, but her husband never returned past the first session.

As I do with all my referrals, I asked for questions about abuse, domestic violence.

  • Is there ever any yelling or shouting between you and your husband?
  • Does it go both ways or one way?
  • If there is yelling and screaming, sometimes people are up in people’s faces. Are your ever up in each others face?
  • If you are up in each others face, sometimes there is pushing or shoving to get the other out of one’s face. Has there ever been any pushing or shoving?
  • And if there is pushing and shoving, sometimes someone slips or falls and may get hurt. Have either of you ever slipped or fell when…

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