Angel of ‘Judgement’

Umay Salma

Two steps. Two more steps and she will be gripped in his mouth.

She looked at those two steps. With fear.  Disbelief. And defeat.  Oh dear! She was so already defeated. Such a meek creature!

How long will it take him to cover those two steps? A thought occurred to her.

He didn’t let her wonder for long. It was a fragment of a second. He crossed those two steps like a lightening. It was not an ordinary bolt of lightning. It was a lightening that shines amidst darkest of the dark skies and parts it into halves.. The legs hit her like lashes. One, two, three. She couldn’t keep pace with count. Her body was entrapped in a storm. She gulped.

Two hands gripped her. Fingers bored into her shoulders.

The teeth went deep into her skin.She squeaked.

She would have never allowed the tear to flow down the…

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