A Brave Girl to Try

It takes a huge amount of courage for victims of Domestic Violence/Abuse to come forward and share their story because of the shame. Instead of being concerned about their safety and wellbeing their biggest concern seems to be being judged by others. I remember back when I was in the situation that I allowed myself to be in which was abusive mentally, physically, and emotional. Fear was my biggest concern then shame and of course being judged. I was living a lie wishing and hoping that things will get better as well as making excuses for him. I found myself contributing to this fake Picasso that this man had painted of himself failing to realize that all he did was changed the frame. My belief is that people that has never been hurt or experienced any form of abuse are usually the first to call you stupid and to tell you how crazy you are for staying in such situation without knowing. Never Say Never. Before you know it you’ll be just like me saying, “I’ll never allow a man to put his hands on me neither will I stay with a man that was abusing me.” Yet still I allowed it for 3 1/2 years. It took me three and a half years to finally be at a place where I can smile without force, a place where I can finally remove the mask that I’ve been hiding behind for so long because of comfort. A place where I will no longer hurt others because someone else hurt me. No longer am I living in fear which is only False Evidence Appearing To Be Real. Break The Silence. Speak Up. You Are Not Alone



FACE MY ABUSE "FMA" founded in 2006 by Jacqueline Rowe - Mother, Author, Mentor and Philanthropist, is established to address domestic violence against women and girls by increasing awareness, promoting effective policies and implementing potent strategies for prevention and intervention. "FMA's" mission is to advance the health, education and security of women and girls the world over with a focus on building healthy sustainable relationships defying domestic violence and its impact on not only the victim but by extension the family as a whole transcending the community. As a platform of refuge and support, "FMA" outreach program creates safe spaces for survivors and their families to stand in solidarity and heal through shared experience releasing all pains, self doubt and baggages internalized as a result of being abused. Ms. Rowe, guided by her purpose and experience, recognizes the importance of encouraging communities to lend their voices to persons who have not yet found theirs. She believes that communities have a responsibility to be their neighbor's keeper and upon identification of abuse, it is imperative to become a fort in the transformation from victim to survivor averting burdens such as guilt and shame. Via her life coaching workshops, Jacqueline shares with victims, the tools necessary to develop the confidence needed in acknowledging their worth, building self confidence and exhibiting the life intended. To promote reach, she incorporates third party resources geared towards demonstrating alternatives and providing positive influences. Currently, "FMA" is actively seeking opportunities to align with community leaders who are advocates of domestic violence as well as entities whose corporate responsibility reflects "FMA's" mission. Jacqueline states that "I may not be where I should be but I'm where I need to be - still a student of life".

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