Life Coaching Services 


At time do you find yourself




Feeling unmotivated

Looking for fulfilling?

Needing to reinvent yourself?

Facing new life stages?

NOW! Let’s envision yourselves with 







 Personal and professional growth and development


FMA Life Coaching

  • Do you just think, talk or read about what you want and how you want to feel – but nothing ever changes?


  • Most people find that it’s easy to read or dream but difficult to take the actions needed. With a coach you will be able to be change for the best. Invest in your Self now. Get the support to start taking the steps now. 


  • You can have what you want. You can lose the unwanted weight without dieting. You can heal your mind, body and emotions. You can connect to your spiritual self.


  • Do you really want to? What’s stopping you? Choose one of our coaching options and find out how to move through the obstacles and make permanent life changes.

    What is Coaching?

  • Coaching has been around for a long time in the world of sport. For personal development, Coaching is inspiring an individual or team to produce a desired result through personalized teaching, expanding awareness and designing environments.
  • Coaching is personal development. Whereas counseling and therapy start from a place of dysfunction, coaching emphasizes our potential and possibilities. Like the athlete we are on a journey of fulfillment in life. A coach is there to help improve our motivation and guide us to overcome the obstacles.
  • Coaching is a partnership. Two people whose only focus is your success. You phone or email your Coach weekly and together, you determine what it is you want to accomplish personally and professionally and how to get there. It works much like a personal trainer, except instead of working on your body you are working on your life. The coach keeps you on track and spurs you on. You also get to where you want to be quicker because of the tools, techniques and expertise they bring.

                                         Why Does Coaching Work?

Coaching works because of three unique features:

  1. Synergy: Client and coach become a team, focusing on the client’s wants and needs and accomplishing more than the client would alone.
  2. Structure: With a coach, a client takes more actions, thinks bigger and gets the job done, thanks to the accountability which the coach provides.
  3. Expertise: The coach knows how to help people attract more, make better decisions, and restructure their professional and personal life.

Who Works With A Coach?

Anyone who believes there is more to life than what they’ve got right now. You can be anywhere in the world as I use (Skype) (FaceTime) (ooVoo) and your email

How much is Coaching?

With my Life Coaching, you’ll not only achieve your goals, you’ll build confidence, strengths and skills that will serve you throughout your life.

FMA Workshops

Mental coaching restoring mind body and soul

Relationships goals

Dating violence prevention

Teen dating intervention

Depression awareness

Stress management

Confidence points training

Strategies Behavior /Process Coaching

For more info or to schedule a service please send us an email



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