FACE MY ABUSE (FMA) is established to lend support and resources to the increasing number of victims of intimate partner violence and their families offering a safe space in which to shift from victim to survivor and break generational cycles. We are powered by volunteers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of families in their community serving as support, inspiration and guidance while providing resources events workshops tools necessary to understand and recognize violent behaviors, build self esteem, safety planning as well as a conceptual framework to understand their experience. Our strength is further forged by alignment with similar organizations, community leaders, law enforcers and city/state representatives to raise awareness and promote prevention. At FACE MY ABUSE, we strongly believe that the involvement of the wider community is key to combating domestics violence.

NEED:It is estimated that Domestic Violence cost the USA an estimated $8.3 billion annually in lost time, healthcare and productivity considering it a national epidemic. Research shows that there is a limited number of domestic violence shelter programs across the country and not only are thousands of survivors and their children turned away annually due to lack of space or limited resources but more importantly, survivors turn to shelter programs as a last resort. The collective living with strangers, little to no privacy and the restrictions of such living conditions are often traumatic and counterproductive to the sense of security being seek. Victims tend to find security residing in a supportive familiar environment with family and friends and visiting facilities to attend classes and/or individual/group meetings for training and resources. We believe that on-call organizations like FACE MY ABUSE is best positioned to provide remote/mobile assistance in support of the social change necessary to prevent and confront domestic violence.

SUPPORT: FACE MY ABUSE caters to the overall wellness of the mind and body. In collaboration with survivors, local shelters, counselors, women’s organizations and law enforcement, we conduct outreach and training via one on one support, group meetings, meditation and yoga as well as digital support forums. The hosting of four (4) annual events brings together our supporters and survivors to honor and validate achievements while showcasing the latest available resources. As part of our ongoing initiative, we host several intimate events which includes but not limited to make overs/spa day, entrepreneurship consultation, relationship building skills workshops and life skills building forums. Our training expands beyond the victims and their families understanding that the intervention of neighbors and the wider community is essential to the sustainability of the programs focused on recognizing myriad of abusive behaviors, symptoms, its impact and safe intervention.

GOAL: Our aim is to open FACE MY ABUSE (FMA) wellness centers in underserved communities. We have identified the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York as our first location. In addition to the above mentioned training and workshops, FMA wellness center’s comprehensive approach will address each form of domestic abuse by implementing direct effective strategies designed to meet individual needs. To expound upon our mission, we will align with medical professionals to afford free healthcare services from short and long term therapy to cosmetics surgery for the correction of injuries; to combat financial abuse, in partnership with a financial institution, we will offer consultation and monitoring; in partnership with local gyms, we will offer self defense classes and relationship building counselors will be engaged to provide life skill training.

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